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Becoming Singer-Actors

After our fabulous session on improvisation a few weeks ago, we added to our skills as singers with the multi talented Liliana Macarone. Liliana is a trained theatre actor, singer and core member of the Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble.

Her forte is embodying the lyrics and marrying that to the music, leading to a full story telling experience for the audience. We're only a few weeks away from the National Sweet Adelines Australia competition in Brisbane and the recent full day of coaching with Liliana took Endeavour Harmony to a whole new level of characterisation for our two competition songs. What a great day!

Come and see us at our 'Bus to Brisbane' (pre competition) Family & Friends concert at 8pm on 25 April at Jannali High School, Sydney.

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The combination of music and storytelling can enhance the impact of a song. By weaving a narrative or character into your performance, you can connect with the audience on a deeper level and evoke stronger emotions.

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