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VALE Robyn McCluggage

Last month we celebrated the life and legacy of Robyn McCluggage.

One of the founding members of EHC, Robyn was a much loved and respected member of the baritone section, avid quartet singer and member of the music and management teams for many years. Robyn was a warm, caring, supportive person who was a mentor to many, not only in her baritone section but to chorus members generally. Our lives are richer for having shared the risers with her, and we will be forever grateful for all she has done for us. Robyn is greatly missed by all.

The last song that Robyn sang with us was ‘My Buddy’. The lyrics now become a fitting tribute to her, the friendships that she made, and the memories that we all will hold dear.

“Life is a book that we study,

Some of its leaves bring a sigh.

There it was written, my buddy

That we must part, you and I…

How I miss your voice, the touch of your hand,

Just long to know that you understand.

My buddy, my buddy.

Your buddy misses you.”

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