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The power of great alignment

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Rob Mance, voice pedagogue, singing coach and acappella singing expert from Kansas City

USA joined us at rehearsal on Tue night this week for a fun evening of education and coaching. Rob is a big proponent of ensuring singers are in good alignment and free from unecessary tension.

Rob adjusting Mel's alignment

He made adjustments to many of us as we sang and the difference was amazing! Easier singing, and clearer sound.

During the evening Rob listened to every singer and allocated them a number based on their vocal timbre, and then strategically placed us on the choral risers with like vocal timbre's together so that singers can meld their voices together and create a richer, fuller sound without anyone having to change the way any of us sing. We loved the result! Check out the 13 Second Harmony Progression video following our riser placement:

The finished riser positioning on the night (a few missing)

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